Meet The Team



Akhil Bhardwaj

M.Sc. Chemistry (2020), IIT Mandi

Research Area: Homogeneous N2-Activation

I’m a proactive person with a methodical approach towards problem-solving and meticulous nature. I’m inspired by the great personalities of various disciplines, mostly scientists. Other than chemistry, I’m into listening to good music, sports (football and basketball), camping, novels (thrillers), and tasty food. A quote that I believe in is -

“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Mayank Mahajan 

M.Sc. Chemistry (2020), HPU Shimla

Research Area: Biomimetic Organic Transformations

I am a diligent and persistent person who savour the chemistry around us. I am eminently inspired by various researchers and scientists who have started from scratch and have shaped many generations with their great work. When I am not studying I am fond of cooking, hiking, playing cricket and table tennis and listening to music.

A quote that I believe in is -

"Define a goal. Take a pause and realise you can move a mountain!".”


Ashutosh Joshi

M.Tech. Biotechnology (2022), IIT Mandi

Jointly with Dr. Trayambak Basak

Research Area: Structural Investigation of Collagen

The structure of collagen intrigues me more than any protein. Currently, my work is focussed on understanding the molecular changes in the structure of collagen due to various post-translational modifications. I want to contribute to the field of structural biology by getting more insight of collagen structure using computational simulation. I am an optimistic and hard-working person. I like listening to music and writing shayaris and poetries (in Hindi) in free time.

M.Sc. 2020


Susovon Ghosh

M.Sc. 2020-2022

B.Sc. 2020 (University of Calcutta)


Snehasis Moni

M.Sc. 2020-2022

B.Sc. 2018 (University of Calcutta)

M.Sc. 2021


Janavi Rajput

M.Sc. 2021-2023


Hemant Latta

M.Sc. 2021-2023


Brijesh Patel

M.Sc. 2021-2023


Abinash Doley

M.Sc. 2021-2023


Palak Garg

M.Sc. 2021-2023