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If you are interested in understanding complex chemical reactions, molecular spectra, molecular properties at the electronic-level and also feel excited about designing new molecules/reactions using first-principles methods, then this is the perfect place for you.     

Sponsored Ph.D. and Postdoc positions will be advertised here and IIT Mandi website as they will appear from time to time.

Prospective Ph.D. candidates having a CSIR/UGC-NET, DST-INSPIRE fellowship, please write to Dr. Mondal at

Prospective postdoctoral candidates who wish to apply for NPDF or DS Kothari fellowship with us are welcome!

Currently, we are looking for highly motivated Ph.D. candidates who are interested in doing both computational mechanistic investigation and experimental work in 3d-transition metal catalysis. Interested candidates are requested to keep in touch for the upcoming advertisement at the IIT Mandi website. 

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